Ambitiouz Entertainment is easily the most controversial record label in South Africa. The brand has fought with almost every artist it had signed previously, from Amanda Black to Emtee to Intaba Yase Dubai. 
Blaq Diamond and Intaba Yase Duba

If you have wondered why musical duo Blaq Diamond left Ambitiouz Entertainment, you're certainly not alone. However, the record label has just given some clues about what actually happened.

In a recent statement, the record la El had noted that the duo had terminated their contract unlawfully. The label claimed that the team, signed in 2017 and by warranty were to release three albums and have their bookings through the record label, flouted the letters of their agreement.

This claim contrasts markedly with what Blaq Diamond had noted earlier. The pair had claimed they left the record amicably and without drama.

From what Ambitiouz Entertainment has revealed, it appeared the dram was never made public at the outset. The duo are prepared to make concessions, including handing over royalties to the record la El for all songs they had released while signing to it.

It's unclear how the two parties will eventually resolve things, as they publicly contradict each other, which indicates all is not well.

Blaq Diamond  recent hit song  Blaq Diamond   Qoma ft  Big Zulu & Siya Ntuli (Official Music Video) removed from Youtube streams by  Ambitiouz Entertainment

The battle between Ambitiouz Entertainment and one of its artists, Intaba Yase Dubai, is far from over.

A new development in the conflict between the two parties is that Intaba Yase Dubai now accuses the record company of removing one of his singles from YouTube.

The musician recently accused Ambitiouz Entertainment of withdrawing his song "Vo"cemail" f"om the video-streaming service in a statement on his Facebook page.