Lerato Kganyago has heard crying on Instagram live video as she accuses Musa Khawula of making her have a miscarriage through his news about her.

Taking to her Instagram story, Lerato Kganyago shared a video of her showing the moment she was crying.

She says Musa Khawula made her lose her child by publicly destroying her name through his gossip.

Lerato Kganyago wrote: "I DONT FEAR YOU! I know you fear the POLICE! You can't hide forever in Umhlanga rocks. The sources keep feeding you information about other people you go down with. Don't bother deleting your DM's @MusaKhawula.

"Imagine me making such an irresponsible, stupid threat. Because I let him slide the first time now, he thinks he can have a jol on my head. We know you love gossip but let it not be disrespectful, and VILE, You guys need to stop defending this mess.!

"You really believed that the property I live in does not have a generator? Where do I live? 😂Continue being a Musa Stan and get off my Instagram account ❤️.

"They couldn't stomach any newbies in the industry. So they targeted every girl in the industry that did well. I was THEE MAIN one. His obsession with me has been revived. He has wings again. He can flap those wings IN JAIL.

"And I'm assuming the emotional abuse that this boy has put me through doesn't count because I'm not your fave? MAM, you need to relax! TO HELL with being MOTHER if it means me being harassed like this."

Video below: