Politics in South Africa is attractive, mainly due to the existing ANC faction that has now been recognized by the public. It is no secret that a current faction within the ANC has split the party into halves. Some supported and sided with Ramaphosa, and others were close allies of the former president Jacob Zuma. The factions are not healthy for the benefit of the country and the ruling party itself. There is no way that the ruling party can fully function and run the country at ease if there are tensions within the high structures of the ANC.

To date, some people wish Jacob Zuma to be brought back. This is because some of the current issues the citizens faced were better during President Jacob Zuma's tenure. The former president is also known for his excellent partnership with the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, who is currently the centre of attention due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

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There is little doubt that President Jacob Zuma enjoys a fruitful relationship with President Vladimir Putin, and Russia and South Africa are members of the BRICS. On the other hand, it does not appear that Ramaphosa and Putin are engaging in the same behaviour. T-shirts that demonstrate sympathy for the friendship between President Jacob Zuma and Russian President Vladimir Putin have recently been produced and sold by citizens of South Africa. They are advocating for Jacob Zuma to regain his position as president of South Africa, which is quite unlikely to occur. Jacob Zuma has completed his term of service to the people of South Africa and is currently enjoying his retirement in the mansion Nkandla.

The T. Shirt has written, "Putin+Zuma= Put In Zuma "Back". It can be seen that, without a doubt, people are longing to see the return of president Jacob Zuma to power