Mr. Phala Phala,

The video footage shows an incident where Chriselda Lewis asks the president questions. This was immediately after the funeral service that was taking place, where 21 children are believed to have unfortunately died in a very mysterious incident.

But what Chriselda said has drawn the attention of public members who have gone on to laugh at this incident, saying that this is definitely one of the most feared things they have ever seen. Her bravery is commendable considering that the president is constantly moving around with bodyguards and is virtually untouchable, although it is clear that he can be touched with words.

And what she said was that she had questions about the Phala Phala Farm scandal. She asked if this was enough. She was referring to the funeral services that were taking place if the president had done enough on his side in ensuring that justice was served and the families were given closure somehow.

Anyway upon seeing that she was not getting any response from the president she went on for the jugular, and what came out of her mouth is something that sent everyone laughing. Anyway she asked if the president had been informed of any proceedings that would take place concerning his scandal or robbery that took place at his farm.

Where he lost a lot of money to suspects that have allegedly also been paid out in order to keep their silence about the matter, she even called him Mr Phala-pThis is very hilarious to many people many, a lot of the members of the public in the country have been trying to get some kind of response or to see how far this matter can go.

It is a very pressing issue that we are facing here with the president implicated in some severe criminal activity. However, they might be tax evasion or contravening the law of the United States, which states that foreign countries are in possession and trading more than 10,000 US dollars is illegal.