Patriotic Alliance Gayton Mackenzie

He is busy changing people's lives. This is definitely something that has Mae a lot of people wonder to themselves about who this particular individual is. To those who don't know, he is Gayton Mackenzie, the executive Mayor of Central Karoo and Patriotic Alliance's president.

He definitely has impressive accolades that he indeed will use to his advantage, and not only that but he is also loved by many people in his community. He is definitely very determined to achieve his success in a manner that is both quick and efficient, so you can imagine what people see in him.

He is a sagacious leader who has gone to extra lengths to prove himself to his community, and it seems like many people respect and want to work with him because he is bringing about change in the community. Yesterday he hired some guys on the streets and gave them jobs to paint a swimming pool that belongs to the community, which hasn't been used for a while now due to covid-19.

He also repurposes old buildings and then gets people to work in those buildings to generate capital to fit their families and the area they live in. This has proven to be an effective way of creating jobs that people want. It seems to be working very well for many people, and that is what they want to see happen.

He has also managed to deal with foreign nationals in the area, advocating for the policy of choosing South Africans first and foremost before any businessperson even thinks about creating employment for foreign nationals, and it seems like this has worked well for him as it has helped him garner more support from the people.