Dr. Shauwn Mkhize, who likes to be celebrated, is always in places where she is celebrating life and was wearing an outfit that cost more than 80K. The jacket she was wearing is the one which had many people talking in the comment section after the one and only Musa Khuwula had made an update on the KwaZulu-Natal millionaire mother and grandmother.

She is living the best life ever, and this time around, she is back in South Africa. Her son Andile Mpisane had a horrible history with Sithole, and she was out of the country then and spotted in Dubai. Since the matter has been settled, Mamkhize has released a statement about how they will deal with it. Nothing is known to the public currently.

From how it got to the public, people did not predict that her son would go through something like that. Every time someone has gone through something terrible in a relationship, it is kept private. Some people have been making jokes about them. If you have a mark on your arm, it will be used as a dragging moment when you are no longer together.

While Mamkhize is living the best of her lifestyle, she is not seen or reported to have a partner, even in Europe. But it could be possible for the person taking pictures to be her partner. People from social media are aware of it and are trying to find out who it is, but it is not possible just yet.

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Social media is great and not good sometimes, depending on how you use it. The best way to keep your relationship private is by not posting about it or not having a social media account at all. Twitter investigators will pick up on the bid part if both of you are on social media and posting about vacations.