Lady That Recently Visited Grave Yard

It's never been easy to lose someone you love the most. Every day people lose their loved one unexpected, some through accident, brutally murdered, natural diseases, or suicide. The pain of losing someone does not get easy in one day. It may take years before one can heal from the pain.

Mzansi was left speechless after seeing a recent picture of a lady who recalls visiting a graveyard. We recently saw a picture of a young lady who recently celebrated a special day in a very unique way. The lady went to the cemetery and set a romantic date picnic. The lady has got everyone talking on social media after her pictures go viral. People on social media could not help but feel sorry for the lady for losing someone very close to her. According to what it's written on the tombstone, it's written father, brother, and uncle but one thing is missing is a husband. Many fans have speculated that the lady could have lost her husband.

Judging by how the lady was seen wearing in a picture, it seems like she lost a boyfriend or a husband. One thing that caught Mzansi's eye was the way the lady was seen dressing up. Followers have said that the lady is not remorseful about being naked while visiting her ancestors. It seems like many fans who saw the pictures are a problem with how the lady was seen wearing. People have been saying that the dead people deserve respect even in their graves. One thing we know is that the people who are quiet idiots care much about how one is wearing. Many have been saying it was unnecessary for her since he is not returning.

It seems like people have different ways of grieving, which is not surprising. Would you have a picnic at the graveyard because you miss your partner...?

What are your thoughts?