Thuli phongolo

Tuli Fongolo is on the wrong side. Like those who did not receive the Gucci badge, they were punished for wearing expensive clothes while struggling to make a living.

He was recently criticized for playing a premix over the weekend. Many complained about this and later asked people for money, saying that Zahara wore expensive clothes. In a podcast, MacG and Solpenduka discussed the situation. Because I hate it because I perceive people's reactions this way. But he said this in response to Monday's Chill with Podcast and MacG episode: This does not seem a coincidence and gives McGe and Sol Penduck a clear answer.

This is not the first time the public has been dissatisfied with his DJ. It's happened before. Another thing that makes him dislike is that he does not correct the mistakes or accusations that have been made in the past. He insists on being a good person.

Sometimes, people think they hate you but want you to be better. Then he denies it, and many people cannot see what he did wrong. It's not about him. If people are not happy, they will not be registered. Because no one listens to him. You shouldn't take people too seriously.

They remembered Zachary and shouldn't have thought he wouldn't be with her. Lolive's creator never thought he would lose his home. He should learn something instead of believing that people like MacG hate him. Bringing it as a podcast is enormous, but it has its drawbacks. Eben's great DJs are wrong. DJ Shimza failed but immediately called to learn from him.