Naked DJ was with his girlfriend, Kayleigh Schwark, at Taboo Night Club. (Read More Here).

Naked DJ was with his girlfriend, Kayleigh Schwark
Naked Dj, taking to social media, shared a picture of him and his white girlfriend as they chilled at Taboo Night Club last night.

A South African blogger has described Naked Dj as emotionally unavailable.

M.M wrote:

"Emotionally unavailable Naked DJ with his girlfriend, Kayleigh Schwark, at Taboo Night Club."

At the age of 40, the DJ is naked, and his white girlfriend, Kayleigh Schwark, 28 years old, is also naked. After they posted photos of themselves together on Twitter, they received a lot of negative feedback. Twitter users were not pleased with them.

Many Twitter users then raised various concerns about their connection, with many asking where his previous wife was and others asking if she wasn't a gold-digger.

I personally don't believe that Naked DJ would jump into a new relationship so quickly; he wouldn't expose his relationship if he was still in a relationship with his previous wife, and I don't believe Kayleigh Schwark is a gold digger, although many people think she is; however, we can't judge her on that basis alone. Twitter people should've merely congratulated Naked DJ on his new relationship because she was attracted to them.

Twitter users had a variety of thoughts about their relationship, and many went on to ask other questions, like if she is or is not a gold-digger, amongst other things.

"In my experience, black guys are unaware that white women are more gold diggers than black women and even have schools for it. Furthermore, when you divorce a white lady, they either clean you out or take half of your hard-earned money. If you don't believe me, just ask Dre. Asinamona mara jolani mara jolani asinamona"

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