Nhlanhla Lux
Nhlanhla Lux is the leader of Operation Dudula. The movement, together with #PutSouthAfricansFirst, was formed due to the immigration crisis in South Africa.

Operation Dudula has been visiting and marching in places believed to have an influx of foreign nationals. The objective is to send a message to illegal immigrants to go home, and perhaps the employment rates and crime levels would decrease.

While some might not fear Nhlanhla Lux, there is a guy that they should worry about as the guy does not only talk, but he makes things happen. This guy is Gayton Mckenzie. Mckenzie has also spearheaded the fight against Illegal immigration under his political party, the PA, which has often clarified its stance regarding Illegal immigrants.

Gayton has proven once again today that foreign nationals should fear him. After seeing that Pakistanis had occupied a heritage building and started renovating it in Beaufort West, he made it a point to have them dealt with and within 2 hours, the owner was arrested, and two shops were closed.

Politicians like Malema encourage Illegal immigrants, but with politicians like Mckenzie, many illegal immigrants would find it very hard and uncomfortable to live in South Africa as he would make sure they are deported.

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.Source: https://mobile.twitter.com/GaytonMcK/status/1542160338656845831