Connie Ferguson

The Queen is a South African soapie which is owned by Connie Ferguson. This soapie plays every weekday on Mzansi magic channel 161 at 21:00. This is one of the most-watched and loved soapies in South Africa.

Recently The Queen cast made a video of themselves, and Connie Ferguson posted it on social media. In this video, they we all holding money and throwing it to the ground. After seeing this video, people had comments to say, which they shared in this video.

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After posting this video, Connie Ferguson even mentioned her love for these cast members. Some people on social media even shared their passion for these cast members, as they commented with heart emojis.

However, some people on social media were laughing at Brutus, who was in the front in this video. Other people on social media were wondering about the money they were throwing on the ground.

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made after seeing this video that Connie Ferguson posted on social media.