Deborah Fraser

The entertainment industry has suffered another significant loss. Someone who has had a great impact on the gospel side of the industry and has made it gain a lot of recognition. In South Africa, the gospel side of the entertainment industry is not as popular as other genres. Still, Deborah Fraser is definitely one artist who gained a lot of attention from all spheres and was recognised in South Africa and other parts of the world.

Deborah Fraser has been one of the most talented individuals in the industry for a long time, starting her career as a backup singer. Then, in the year 2000, she released her own album called Abanye Bayombona, and so many people received it well and loved it that it sold one million copies.

Deborah Fraser was also an award-winning artist who won a few awards to back up her talent. She was also awarded a doctorate and was referred to as Dr Deborah Fraser. In the past weeks, before she passed on, she trended on social media after people noticed that she was not well and after she was seen performing while in a wheelchair. Which made many people wonder what could have been the problem.

After performing, Dr Deborah Fraser then shared she was not in good health because she had been suffering from diabetes, and she ended up in the hospital and lost her ability to walk. She then asked her fans to put her in their prayers. The sad news has been shared that the talented artist has passed on due to a stroke, which has left many in shock because they thought that she was getting better in terms of her health.

Many of those who loved her are left heartbroken by the sad news, and many of her fans will remember her for the music she has made and shared with them. How will you remember the talented artist, Dr Deborah Fraser, now that she is no more?