Owami and Olwethu
Owam and Owethu have been married to the same person for a very long time, and they want to keep their marriage the same.

They want to get married to one person. Since they are twins, they have always known each other. MacG said about them in his digital broadcast, which he made fun of, is definitely how they think their lives or ways of life should be.

People born as twins often live parallel lives when they are young, but as they get older, they live different lives and never wear the same clothes again.

This is when their lives start to change, and they date more than one person. But Owam and Owethu can't be married alone. They need at least one other person to marry.

They could also not get separated and stay together. Nothing wrong can be said about it, and anyone who knows that getting married must be great and doesn't care what people tweet about them for fun doesn't care.

They won't be using digital entertainment to try to become famous or gain power. Despite that, they are more honest about what they want for themselves.

They should get what they want, and if you don't get along with one of them, none of them will be happy with you as their partner, even if it's something good.

You can't be independent of either Owan or Owethu anymore because they have to live in the same place. Maybe that has happened, and they have decided to end their 9-year relationship.

Some people do not think it is suitable to marry women, even if they are twins. Some people are saying this for a fact, and it's not strange that some men are still not completely happy about getting married. Anyway, it's hard when their spouses aren't around because they're used to living with anyone.