Mihlali Ndamase slams Musa Khawula

Mihlali Ndamase has told Musa Khawula to worry over the murder case ongoing against him.

According to information, it was reported that Musa Khawula had killed a young father, Wandile Wayne Khambule, who refused to fall in love with him. According to data, Wandile Wayne Khambule is a straight man and a father of two children.

Taking to social media, Mihlali Ndamase talked about nails and her app. Surprisingly, Musa Khawula decided to insult her work. He wrote: "Not all being left to use the Malakayt app that nobody asked for, for baby girl to fly to Bots for her nails.
Jokes write themselves."

Replying to the entertainment blogger, Mihlali Ndamase told Musa that he should be worried about his murder case, which is still allegedly in court.

Mihlali Ndamase wrote: "You have a murder case to worry about. I don't think me having the luxury of flying a nail technician in and out of the country should be your concern, my baby."

Wandile Wayne Khambule has accused famous blogger Musa Khawula of killing their boyfriend.

According to information, Wandile Wayne Khambule has two children with two different baby mamas. His first child is 10 years old, while his second (girl) is reportedly 8 years old.

Musa Khawula allegedly killed Wandile Wayne Khambule last month (March) by stabbing him and biting off his lips in broad daylight.

His first baby mama, Prezzy, happens to be the first to do the call out. She wrote: "Last month, you stabbed and killed my baby daddy, today uyi celeb. Must be nice."

According to information, Musa Khawula has been eyeing Wandile Wayne Khambule for a long time, but he (Wandile Wayne Khambule) kept dismissing him as he reminded him that he isn't gay.

@BadubeS confirmed: "I’ve checked with SAPS, and they have verified the worst:
Musa Khaluwa killed Wayne Khambula in cold blood. Also, the police officer says Musa is a drug addict.
I’m numb.
Musa wanted a relationship with Wayne, who had a girlfriend. When Wayne refused, stating he’s a straight man, all hell broke loose."

The second baby mama to the deceased, Mbalenhle wrote: "He took away a great father. He loved his kids. Sometimes I can not look at my daughter because she's so young to be fatherless and his brother.
Usibulele angfuni ukungasho. I hope justice will be served."

A friend close to Wandile Wayne Khambule says that during the court case, Musa Khawula acted crazy, which caused confusion.

He was later sent to a mental institution for a few weeks, hence his reason for an extended break on social media for a few weeks in March (if you noticed).