McDonald’s burger with a frog
McDonald's has launched an investigation regarding a recent incident — involving a frog — at its Secunda outlet.

The unpleasant find occurred on May 6 and saw the Bezuidenhout family receive an unwelcome surprise in the form of a frog with a burger order. Willem Bezuidenhout took to Facebook to post about the McFroggie in his daughter's chicken burger.

The post written in both English and Afrikaans read, "Thank you, Secunda McDonald, for the not so wonderful surprise on my daughter's meal tonight, 6 May 2022! I always thought things like this happened in the movies, but now it is happening with us this evening. Yes, all of you are seeing right. This is a McFroggie.

McFroggie anyone? A family’s Friday night takeout was ruined when McDonald’s Secunda included an unwanted ingredient – a dead frog.

Willem Bezuidenhout shared photos of the meal on Facebook, thanking the branch for the “not-so-wonderful surprise on my daughter’s meal”.

The family of six ordered burgers on 6 May when the couple’s 13-year-old daughter made the gruesome discovery on her McChicken-burger.

She was three bites into the burger when she turned to her dad and said: “Daddy, there’s a frog in my burger”.

Her father thought she was joking, but lo and behold, there it was.

“Ek het haar nie geglo nie en gaan kyk. So waar as vet: Daar sit die skarminkel. (Translation: I didn’t believe her at first and had a look. There’s the scoundrel)”