Laconco (Nonkanyiso Conco) started to date former President Jacob Zuma in 2018 and is now showing off the engagement ring that Former President Jacob Zuma bought for her .

Laconco started to date Zuma, who is now 80 years old, when she was just 21 years of age, which warrants Zuma to be their father and also the grandfather of Laconco.

On the birthday of Jacob Zuma on the 12 April 2022, she revealed the son she has with Zuma. She also told her Twitter followers that Former President Zuma shares the birthday with his son.

She was on Instagram live minutes ago. She was getting ready to go to a friend's event and told her followers on Instagram that Zuma was a good man who took care of her, although people criticise that because she is still young .

Zuma has not been seen with Laconco in public spaces mainly because people question why a whole former head of state can date someone who fits to be his grandchild.