Cindy Mkhathini is dating president Cyril Ramaphosa's son Tumelo Ramaphosa.
Cindy Mkhathini is dating president Cyril Ramaphosa's son Tumelo Ramaphosa.

Anyone who remembers South African ex-minister Melusi Gigaba’s infamous exit from politics after video leaks of him squeezing his mickey on camera might also remember stories of an underage girl at the centre of the leaks.

Tumelo Ramaphosa

Well, that girl is grown now and is rumoured to be seeing the National Bae, Tumelo Ramaphosa the son of the current South African president Cyril Ramaphosa.
Cindy Makhathini
Unconfirmed tittle-tattles have it that Cindy Makhathini, (now 23 years of age) and Tumelo Ramaphosa (32) might be seeing each other after being spotted cosy and living large together in Cape Town over the weekend.

Cindy is a renowned social media personality who came under the spotlight back in 2018 after she was fingered as the girl behind the leaking of Malisi Gigaba’s bedroom tapes.

Malusi captured himself mastu_rbating and calling on someone thought to be Cindy to come over and have a piece of his meat.

She was 17 at the time and reports claim that she leaked videos after Malusi dumped her for fear of being found out that he was dating an underage girl.

She has since dusted herself from the past and grown her brand to one of the most influential figures on Instagram. She is also rumoured to be the founder of The Influencer Magazine.

It is no surprise that we hear of her seeing the president’s son since she has been rubbing shoulders with influential personalities from an early age.

The famed social media personality has since launched an Instagram live to refute these claims. She claims that she does not know the president’s son and the two have never met.