South African Disc Jockey, Uncle Waffles, has reacted to transgender rumours, which started on Facebook. 

After her incredible performance at the 2022 CottonFest in Newtown Johannesburg, Uncle Waffles posed with her gay friends and dancers, and it immediately caused stirs on Facebook.

Many Facebook users and Chris Excel began to say that she's a transgender person (transwoman). Taking to her Tiktok page, Uncle Waffles subtly addressed the issue as she danced to a song about 'pussy' - meaning she's a real woman.

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Uncle Waffles wrote:

"Y'all are too used to public figures having to keep quiet and be the bigger person, and that being considered some sort of 'maturity' made people on social media get away with being shit individuals.

"Where do you even get tree audacity to say things like this? Then go on and show your transphobia through it? I don't usually say anything but a whole community is affected. It's important to learn when you're overstepping."