DJ Sbu
There is a reporter doing things in a unique way there on Twitter. His headlines will leave you in stitches as a reader but will leave you crippled if the article is about you. Some have been trying to threaten him, but he is not changing his reporting methods.

Musa Khawula is rumoured to be a nurse by profession, but he is also a reporter who always reports things of the entertainment on Twitter. Several headlines have shocked and entertained people simultaneously.

Today he reported about DJ Sbu releasing music soon. However, in the report, he also stated that the Dj is rumoured to have sent people to Zahara's house to steal her awards. The Dj had previously signed Zahara to his recording label, TS records. It has previously been reported that he owes her a lot of money. He has threatened the reporter to delete the tweet, or else he will sue for R1 Million.