The rain in KwaZulu Natal has resulted in massive destruction of property and roads; the rain, which started falling down on Friday, continued to rain heavily for the next 4 days. By Tuesday morning, the rain was still falling down heavily.

This has resulted in highways flooded with water and cars unable to move, those cars that took a chance to try and move were either stuck or swept away. Bridges were inundated as the river banks busted, resulting in people living in low lying areas seeing their homes either flooded with water or collapsing.

According to the Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs(COGTA), 2 people have been confirmed dead and 10 people missing. This has resulted in the KZN Department of Education urging all schools to close until further notice. Taxis and buses were grounded as roads were flooded, resulting in commuters not being able to go to work. In other places, workers have been urged not to bother reporting for work as it was not safe to do so.