This past weekend, Nadia Nakai stole the show at Cotton Fest dressed in an elegantly sexy outfit.

She was one of the most exciting acts on the concert lineup created by the late rapper Ricky Rick.

Cotton Fest is like the South African version of Coachella, and every year it's getting more stupendous.

Over 1000 fans were in attendance, enjoying the riveting concert that celebrates Mzansi's mainstream genres such as hip-hop, kwaito, am a piano and house music.

Nadia Nakai did was she does best on the stage, entertaining the crowd with her sultry dance moves and powerful punchlines in her rhymes.

Nadia Nakai is one of the most sought after female rappers in South Africa. She is a dedicated and passionate rapper who is consistent and progressive with her craft.

Nadia Nakai is a woman of many talents. She is a model, social media influencer, socialite, fashion designer, stylist, television and radio host, and successful businesswoman.

She is a beacon of supremacy in the South African hip-hop landscape. She has dominated for the longest time with the release of chart-topping bangers and certified platinum albums.

Nadia Nakai, half Zimbabwean and half South African, has managed to make a name for herself in a male-dominated industry. She is now one of the most prosperous female rappers on the African continent.

She is a platinum record selling artist who has given us hits like 'Ragga' featuring Gemini Major, Ricky Rick and Cassper Nyovest.

Nadia is at the top of her game, and her elegance is undeniable, for she continues to be an omnipotent player in the South African show business.

Nadia Nakai has a massive following on social media. In her recent Instagram post, dressed in an exquisitely alluring outfit,t she caused a jaw-dropping moment whilst on stage.

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