Information reaching The Edge Search has it South Africans and Botswana nationals have reacted to the hugging moment between Kabza De Small and Big Zulu yesterday.
Big Zulu and Kabza De Small


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According to information, Kabza De Small and Big Zulu met each other yesterday at the Cotton Fest 2022. During that process, they greeted each through hugs.

As their picture began to go viral, Mzansi immediately began to react. According to Mzansi, they said the picture is giving 'Tom and Jerry' and 'David and Goliath vibe.'

Reactions from Mzansi below:

Mamqocwa 🇿🇦

Big Zulu looks like he wears size 3.


Ndiyayibona yonke enyinto. The red shoes are killing me.

Twolf maQuad
Awww look at him holding on, so cute 🥺 I bet he gives the best hugs.


What size shoe does big Zulu wear kanti.


Repping their stage names fr.

uMnguni waseBuhleni.

How I snuggle under my mans arms in public.


Kanti how Big is Big Zulu and how Small is Kabza De Small.


this is how I would act in front of big Zulu too , umhle lobaba.

The Wine Aficionado

This man is huge.