Coming up on Umbuso this April 2022:

Sunday 3 April 2022

Episode 1
A mysterious murder shatters the lives of a family. In the aftermath, relationships crumble, and a daughter receives clues that drive her to go on the quest for the truth about her mother's murder.

Sunday 10 April 2022

Episode 2
As preparations are made to bury a beloved matriarch, tensions are high. Tiny is trying to secure an important deal. Tshepiso's wife is dispatched to arrange a deal with a corrupt politician.

Sunday 17 April 2022

Episode 3
Faced with the reality of what they have done, Thembelihle and Tshepiso struggle to deal with their guilt.

Sunday 24 April 2022

Episode 4
After receiving a beat down for challenging his father in his own home, Samora leaves the house vowing never to return.

Sunday 01 May 2022

Episode 5

Premiere episodes of Umbuso air on Mzansi Magic  Sundays at 20h00.


Channel: Mzansi Magic (DStv 161)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Drama

The drama series revolves around two former prison friends trying to establish legacies in post-Apartheid South Africa through a low-income housing project.

It's a tale of a daughter's search for the truth, how the past impacts the presence of crime, politics and the lengths that people will go to protect those they love and what they believe is theirs.

Street-smart businessman Ma E and people's politician Tiny are determined to secure a post-struggle legacy for themselves and their families.

However, after a brutal and bloody murder that shakes everyone to their core, a long-hidden and dark secret is finally revealed, cutting to the heart of both families.

At the centre of it all is Thembelihle, a daughter trying to keep her family – and it's business – together.

Umbuso promises intrigue, mystery, scheming, twists and turns as secrets are revealed and legacies tarnished.

The series stars Bheki Sibiya, Zinzile Zungu, Kwanele Mthethwa, Sandile Mahlangu, Makhaola Ndebele, Bathabile Mashigo and Khojane Morai.

Additional cast members include Lillian Dube, Mzwandile Ngubeni, Christopher Jafta, Omuhle Gela, Sphamandla Dhludhlu and Bahumi Mhlongo.

Main Characters

Ma E Nyandeni (Bheki Sibiya)

Ma E is an old-school township gangster who built his criminal empire on the dagga trade and has dominated his community with street smarts, muscle and strategic generosity.

These days he uses his connections and business savvy to run a (mainly) legitimate construction empire.

Ma E forged a brotherhood with Tiny while they were in prison together, and Ma E was making his reputation as a boxer under Stimela.

Ma E's mom, Gogo Lil (Lillian Dube), is the family's wise keeper of secrets and the classic iron fist in a velvet glove.

She is by far the most ruthless member of Ma E's family.

Mpho (Zinzi Zungu)

Ma E's beloved wife and mother to their children has been the glue that has bonded Ma E and Tiny's families together for over 25 years.

When she is murdered on her birthday, it throws both families' lives in an uproar.

Thembelihle is devastated because her mom was her best friend, and she gets pulled into the investigation to find her killer and their motive. Still, her search uncovers some devastating family secrets.

Thembelihle (Kwanele Mthethwa)

Ma E's daughter, Thembelihle, is everything a man could want in an heir.

She is intelligent, educated, feisty and driven.

To understand Thembelihle and her world, you must understand her family and their long-lasting bonds with Uncle Tiny's family, who are connected in every way but blood.

Thembelihle is trapped in a loveless, (fortunately) childless marriage with Mothusi (Sphamandla Dhludhlu), a superficially charming businessman working in the NGO sector.

Mothusi is an emotionally abusive serial cheater who wants a Thembelihle to be a traditional wife while offering none of the respect that role would involve.

She secretly still loves Uncle Tiny's son, Tshepiso.

Samora (Sandile Mahlangu)

Thembelihle's passionate, sensitive and fragile young twin brother is as much an artist as she is an entrepreneur.

As a result, he and his dad, Ma E, have seldom seen eye-to-eye, leaving Samora feeling like everything he does disappoint dear old dad.

His mom, Mpho, has always played peacekeeper between them.

Samora was named after Uncle Tiny's favourite politician.

Tiny Matlala (Makhaola Ndebele)

Tiny has turned his shared criminal and prison past with Ma E into the colourful foundation story for his political career.

These days, he's eyeing a mayoral chain and head office.

Tiny is a charming, hard-working political animal, but becoming mayor might mean he has to publicly distance himself from Ma E.

And there's plenty at stake.

He and Ma E could win a lasting legacy for their families if they secure the right to build a new low-income housing project.

Tiny has a spectacular temper, and he's fearsome to behold when he flies off the handle.

Bridget (Bathabile Mashigo)

Tiny's fierce wife, Bridget, is the family matriarch and the power behind the throne.

It's her push and determination that have driven Tiny's political career.

She is capable of absolutely anything and utterly ruthless.

She might or might not like Tiny, but she does love the doors that her marriage to Tiny opens for her and the hidden power that marriage allows her to wield.

Tshepiso (Khojane Morai)

Tiny's son is Thembelihle's oldest friend.

They were always close and once, briefly, almost dated until both families objected.

Unfortunately, that choice pushed both Tshepiso and Thembelihle into unhappy marriages, in which they are each other's lifeline.

Tshepiso is married to political powerhouse Bassie, who works with his mom, Bridget.

Bassie is far more interested in Tiny's career than Tshepiso is, and she is floored by Tshepiso's apparent lack of ambition.

She could do worse, though. Tshepiso's sister Refilwe (Bahumi Mhlongo) is the absolute family trainwreck...