Sip or spill is a YouTube show hosted by Kween Lelo. On the show, which she co-hosts with Nicole Maleka, they both tackle social issues and answer questions sent to them by viewers. However, some of these questions can be too personal, but the hosts choose whether they spill out the truth or take a sip and pass the quiz without an answer.

In one question on their Sunday 10th show, a viewer asked how Nicole felt when Kabza, the small (well known South African DJ), paid lobola to another woman while he was still dating her. As personal as the question is, Nicole did answer the quiz. " It did break me home. You are my witness. I was literally in ICU (metaphor meaning she was really devastated) at the time," she replied.

Although she replied, many individuals were shocked about who this Nicole was and why people did not know about her. However, she has confirmed live on YouTube that she is not to be taken lightly. As a matter of fact, she has also disclosed that she also dated another house music powerhouse called heavy k.