When you know your partners aren't looking out for your best interests, it's never a smart idea to let them help you build your house or take care of you. The majority of women killed in car accidents are their children, and this tragedy affects the entire family.

In the early hours of today morning, officials in Phalaborwo reported that he family had their 10-room home damaged by fire on Monday. It was revealed that this family's daughter was involved with another man who was willing to do whatever it takes to protect the safety of her family. Because he was always there to provide a helping hand, there is a fair probability that the money used to build the house came from him as well. It turned out that he had already moved in with the lady's family.

An argument between a woman's daughter and her boyfriend took place on a Sunday, so her mother intervened to find out what was going on. The couple never spoke a word to one other. At about the same time, police say he broke into his house and took everything he owned, including his clothes. Early on Monday morning, the 10-room house was destroyed by a fire, and the family was unable to save anything. Every little thing was ruined, even the children's school uniforms. It was during the blaze that the man didn't even bother to cover up his features.

While being questioned by the police, he indicated that the lady's cheating on him and her refusal to engage in sex enraged him. Since he spent tens of thousands of dollars on the house, he knows he can't let anyone else take credit for his hard work and accomplishments. Because they have no assets to their name, the family has turned to the community for help. So much so that even the matriarch of the family admitted to having difficulty sleeping at night. Even more depressing for her is that she had spent so much time and work on this house renovation only to discover that it was a waste of money.

Phalaborwa police have taken the man into custody, and he'll soon be in court. Additional support has been agreed upon by the Phalaborwa Municipality, which will continue to provide the family with groceries until they are able to provide for themselves.

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