In a country high in unemployment amongst the youth, there's no room to be picky when it comes to opportunities. With that being said a guy from Venda in the Limpopo province recently caused a stir on social media. The posted pictures of his qualification versus his current job.

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Basically, the guy is a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Recreation and Leisure Studies. He is currently working at the Census 2022 program, which involves going door-to-door counting people.

 There were mixed reactions to the comments.

Some mentioned how inspiring it is to see someone who is humble regardless of their qualifications. Others mentioned that the guy should continue doing his current job, hopefully, one day he will get his "dream job". There's a lot that people had to say, see more reactions down below;

Leisure studies is a branch of the social sciences that focuses on understanding and analyzing leisure. Recreation and tourism are common topics of leisure research.

Share your thoughts on the comment section, what do you think about the guy's post and people's reactions overall? Would you consider doing something similar or not?

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Stats SA undertakes various surveys and projects, for example, Census, Community Survey, Labour Force Survey, General Household Survey, amongst others. From time to time these surveys and projects require that contract staff be employed. You are invited to register online for inclusion on the database used to identify potential candidates for these contract positions as and when required. People of every racial group, the youth as well as females from all areas are encouraged to register.

Location: Contract employment opportunities exist in different provinces and districts nationwide.
Contract: An employment contract stipulating duration, job content, remuneration and other conditions, will be provided when opportunities for such contract employment arise.
Working tools: Those that will be employed and are issued with work tools, will be paid after the tools have been returned.
Area of work: Opportunities for contract employment usually arise as outlined below –

Area of workDutiesRequired skills / competencies
• Fieldwork/Data CollectionGoing door-to-door to collect information from households• Good communication skills

• Driver’s license will be an added advantage

• Computer Literacy

• Ability to operate a mobile device

• Data capturingCapturing of information• Computer literacy

• Minimum typing speed of 35 wpm

• 95% accuracy

• Data processingSorting, coding and quality checking of forms or any documents• Computer literacy
• Clerical and administrativeGeneral administrative and non-administrative duties• Relevant administrative skills

• Computer literacy

• SupervisorySupervision of any of the above categories where necessary• Supervisory experience

• Driver’s license (if applicable)

• Ability to operate a mobile device


To register on our database, click here.

General requirements:

The applicant must:

  • have a minimum of a Senior Certificate (Matric or equivalent).
  • be proficient in any of the 11 official languages.
  • be willing to work over weekends and outside of normal office hours.
  • be an RSA citizen with no criminal record.