Kuli Roberts’s last wishes to MacG

Kuli Roberts, who died on February 9th, stated in an interview with 'Podcast & Chill with MacG' that she did not want to be remembered. Kuli Roberts, the former The Queen actress, journalist, TV presenter, and radio personality, declared in an interview with Podcast and Chill in September last year that she does not want to be remembered when she dies.

During the conversation, she also expressed her thoughts as an advocate for raising awareness of albinism. In an interview with MacG on Podcast and Chill, the former Sunday World lifestyle editor, TV personality, and Kaya FM radio host who died on Thursday evening, 9 February discussed her final wishes for when she dies. When MacG asked how she wanted to be remembered, Roberts simply said:

"I don't want my name to be remembered. I want you to look out for each other. Look after albino people, care about the LGBTQIA community, look after black people." Roberts, Kuli She also stated that people should stop denigrating black people by claiming they can't swim. "We were the ones who saved the sailors when they arrived on this land." According to the Daily Sun, the adored media personality died at her home last night at 22:00 while preparing for a radio crossover.

A close friend of the media celebrity, who wishes to remain unidentified, confirmed her death to the magazine this morning. In the conversation, the 39-year-old Roberts made eye-opening observations and also taught people the necessity of accepting persons with albinism. On her Twitter account, she revealed why she goes by the handle Stop Albinism Killings and why she is so dedicated to this cause.

In her September interview with MacG, she also stated that she has made it a life mission to campaign for albinism and does not want it to be considered as a passing face. "I don't use hashtags; it's a way of life for me." I don't wait for Albinism Awareness Month to begin advocating." In the interview, she also stated that "black homophobes" should be aware that women do date each other.