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Tuesday 1 February 2022
Episode 13506 (620)

Chad encourages Ben to call it quits with Ciara. Chad then enlists JJ’s help in winning back Abigail. At the Loft, Claire and Tripp share a close moment that Ciara witnesses. Tripp senses something is wrong with Ciara, and they quickly learn it’s about Ben.

Tripp visits Roman who fills him in on Stefan’s arrest. The subject rolls around to Ciara and Claire. Leo is a thorn in Sonny’s side, and Xander is one in Victor’s... Xander and Leo toy at an alliance while Sonny and Will are determined to bring Leo down.

Wednesday 2 February 2022
Episode 13507 (621)

Ciara confronts Ben about plotting with Claire to break up her and Tripp. Melinda tries to persuade Abigail to press charges against Gabi and Chad. Meanwhile, Chad tells JJ his cryptic plan for Abigail. JJ asks Haley about what she’s keeping from Kayla.

Chloe comforts Brady, who’s missing Tate. Eve comments on their closeness. Chloe calls Maggie, and is steamed when she learns Holly isn’t there... while Sarah surprises Eric by bringing Holly to his place.

Thursday 3 February 2022
Episode 13508 (622)

Abigail is surprised that Chad is a no-show to their romantic dinner and learns that he has instead arranged to have JJ and Jennifer meet her for a family dinner. All are stunned when Jack joins them. Chad offers Eve a new job with DiMera Enterprises... in Paris.

Chloe assumes that Eric is going to fight for sole custody. Later, Chloe shares the news with Brady while Eric and Sarah are interrupted by Rex’s unexpected return... Haley promises Melinda that she hasn’t told Kayla anything as it’s revealed Melinda is Haley’s big sister... JJ walks in on a private conversation.

Friday 4 February 2022
Episode 13509 (623)

Jack pulls away from Jennifer. Eve reminds Jack of his shortcomings. Abigail thanks Chad for arranging the Deveraux family dinner. They have a heart-to-heart conversation about their relationship. Rex declares his intent to win Sarah back. He asks Eric for a place to stay. Sarah is not happy.

Kayla makes some headway in persuading Eve to take the job offer from Chad. Melinda is freaked out that JJ has overheard her discussing her relationship with Haley.

Monday 7 February 2022
Episode 13510 (624)

Sarah meets Xander for the first time and realizes he’s the one who blackmailed Nicole into marriage. Later, she tells Eric that Xander is alive and in Salem. Earlier, Rex convinces Eric to help him win back Sarah.

Will turns to John for help in tracking down Leo’s mom. Later, Will tells Sonny that John has a solid lead. Earlier, Leo presses Xander to accept his offer. JJ tries to get Haley to open up about her secret. Abe lays into Melinda about badgering Abigail.

Tuesday 8 February 2022
Episode 13511 (625)

Eric attacks Xander. Meanwhile, Rex wants to talk to Sarah about their relationship. Also, Rex talks to Chloe, who tells him Lucas broke up with her. At the same time, Eli tells smug Xander they have hard evidence against him. Ted tries to persuade Stefan to flip on Ben.

Hope tells Ben that Ciara’s in South Africa visiting Theo. Gabi reminds Chad they’ll be working together at DiMera now that he’s been reinstated at CEO. Kate apologizes to Abigail, trying to make amends.

Wednesday 9 February 2022
Episode 13512 (626)

Stefan is released and vetoes Chad’s plan to return Gabi Chic to Gabi. Later, the two brothers wait to hear who will run the family business... and each vow to emerge on top. Rafe arrives to witness Ted telling Hope about Stefan’s release and accuses his wife of putting her vendetta against Ben above her duty.

Eli and Lani are stunned to find that the footage of Xander shooting Marlena is missing. They speak with Abe and Sheila, and everyone later realizes what happened... Rex walks in on a close moment between Eric and Sarah and decides to use their closeness to his advantage.

Thursday 10 February 2022
Episode 13513 (627)

Eric rushes away from Sarah and Rex when he learns Xander is being released. Rex reveals to Sarah that he cheated with someone close to her. Sarah runs off, and Rex speaks with Chloe about his predicament. Hope tells Rafe that Xander went free.

Xander tells Victor the police have lost the evidence against him, so it’s time to make a deal. Afterwards, Sonny tells Victor he has a plan to bring Leo down and repair the damage he caused the family and the business. Meanwhile, Leo reminds Xander he can help him get what he wants. Sonny calls Will about Leo.

Friday 11 February 2022
Episode 13514 (628)

In the dead of night, it appears that Eric accepted Sarah’s advances… and in the light of day, Rex shows up asking Eric if he’s seen her. Also, Kate visits Rex, who admits to his mom that he’s made another mistake with Sarah. Brady meets with Victor, who tries to bury the hatchet.

Chad and Stefan wait as the board makes up their mind about who will run DiMera Enterprises. Abigail stops by with Charlotte. Meanwhile, Gabi shows up at Kate’s hotel room and thinks they have a common goal in destroying Stefan.

Monday 14 February 2022
Episode 13515 (629)

Eric flips out when he finds Sarah with Xander. Meanwhile, Rex confides his troubles in Kate. Jennifer shares her frustration with Kayla, desperate to get Jack’s memory back. They go looking for Rolf’s diary. Meanwhile, Jack confronts Eve about telling Jennifer she and Jack were going to get married.

Brady questions Sonny about his relationship with Leo. Meanwhile, Leo realizes he’s been tricked by Xander.

Tuesday 15 February 2022
Episode 13516 (630)

Jennifer and Eve argue over Jack. Later, Jack tells Eve he wants to go up against Abe. Earlier, Jack bonds with JJ, who talks about his suicide attempt. Haley admits to Kayla she was able to confide in Marlena.

Kayla and Tripp talk about how Stefan was exonerated. Ted surprises Kate by revealing he’s back in town. Hope witnesses a moment between them… Melinda reams out Hope and Eli about Xander. Abe explains it was his fault.

Wednesday 16 February 2022
Episode 13517 (631)

Claire informs Tripp that she’s interested in starting a relationship with him. Meanwhile, Haley and JJ bond. Hope questions Ted about his interactions with Kate. Chad and Stefan learn that they will be Co-CEOs of DiMera.

Abigail expresses her worry to Jennifer that Chad will choose his war with his brother over the chance to reunite with his family. Earlier Gabi bristles at Eli’s judgement over the woman she has become.

Thursday 17 February 2022
Episode 13518 (632)

Rex continues to ask Eric for help winning Sarah back. Eric refuses. Meanwhile, Sarah dreams of Eric, only to wake to find Xander. Abe is upset to learn from Jennifer’s article that he’s being challenged in the mayoral race. Both Abe and Jack are thrown to realize Melinda Trask is running for Mayor.

JJ confronts Haley about Melinda running for mayor. Haley then meets with Melinda, who cautions no one must ever learn Haley’s secret. JJ finds Haley and pleads with her to share what’s bothering her. Brady proudly announces to Chloe that Victor has named him CEO of Titan. Xander interrupts.

Friday 18 February 2022
Episode 13519 (633)

Rex confronts Eric and Sarah and accuses them of being romantically involved. Later, Marlena gets Eric to realize he has feelings for Sarah. Marlena counsels Will to keep fighting for Sonny while Leo admits to Sonny he is desperate for sex. Later, Marlena tells Will that John found a person of interest.

Xander reveals he has Rolf’s diary and tells Eve to come get it. Meanwhile, Jennifer tries once again to warn Jack about Eve. Later, Jack returns to Eve…

Monday 21 February 2022
Episode 13520 (634)

Eric encounters Sarah and Rex kissing and learns that they’re reconciling. After Sarah leaves, Rex asks Eric to make friends with Sarah. Meanwhile, Sarah unloads on Maggie about Xander and reconciling with Rex. Leo’s horrified when his mother, Diana, shows up at the door. Sonny interrupts the reunion.

Meanwhile, Will talks to Marlena and John about Leo’s mom and is hopeful this is the break they need to get rid of Leo. Melinda Trask threatens Marlena about keeping Haley’s secret and Marlena chastises Melinda for being selfish.

Tuesday 22 February 2022
Episode 13521 (635)

Edgy Ben is upset that Claire and Tripp haven’t heard from Ciara. Tripp is furious to learn that Claire and Ben joined forces to break up him and Ciara. JJ offers to help Haley with her immigration status, but she says there’s nothing he can do.

Jennifer pours out her heart to Adrienne about Jack. Meanwhile, Jack, feeling pulled in every direction, resists Eve’s advances. Later, Jack winds up at JJ’s apartment. Father and son continue to bond. JJ admits he learned Haley’s secret... Marlena is startled when Sarah tells her she’s back together with Rex.

Wednesday 23 February 2022
Episode 13522 (636)

Eli questions Hope about her relationship with Ted, who drops by the station and tells Hope he’s thinking of applying for the D.A. job. Later, Hope leaves Ciara a message since she was supposed to be back home by now. Unbeknownst to her, Ciara’s been kidnapped!

Will visits Diana and explains how Leo is blackmailing Sonny into marriage. Will reports back to Sonny and vows to keep pressing. Diana runs into Marlena after an angry cross with Leo, Sonny confides to Adrienne that Leo is demanding to sleep with him. Adrienne is furious and later confronts Leo.

Thursday 24 February 2022
Episode 13523 (637)

Marlena encounters Diana. It comes out that Diana is Leo’s mother and Marlena urges Diana to do the right thing and come forward with any info that might help Will and Sonny. Later, John comes face to face with Diana.

Hope is panicked when she realizes Ciara was on the plane from South Africa but hasn’t been seen or heard from since she landed. She tells Ted she’s afraid Ciara’s with Ben. She summons Marlena and asks for help. Meanwhile, Ciara is bound, gagged, and blindfolded by her mysterious captor.

Friday 25 February 2022
Episode 13524 (638)

John is stunned to find that Leo’s mother is his ex… Diana Colville. Hope presses Marlena to reveal what Ben told her during their last session. Hope and Ted break in to Ben’s motel room and try to find some clues as to Ciara’s whereabouts… when Ben arrives.

Ciara struggles with her bonds, but stops when someone enters the room to take off her blindfold and gag… and is stunned to see Ben’s sister, Jordan. Claire apologizes to Tripp, and the couple agree to give their relationship a second chance.

Monday 28 February 2022
Episode 13525 (639)

Hope is convinced that Ben abducted Ciara. Ben vehemently denies it. Ted persuades Hope to focus on her police work. Meanwhile, Ciara’s stunned to come face to face with Jordan at the cabin. Later, Jordan surprises Abigail with a visit.

Stefan saves Chloe’s life. Julie tries to persuade Abigail to forgive Chad, but Abigail is still deeply troubled. Meanwhile, Kate checks on Chad, who is still cool to her because of her role in helping Gabi. After declaring their love for each other, Eli and Lani make love... but their romance is interrupted.

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