The president is set to appear on our TV screens while delivering his Sona2022 speech.

Following that the president is to address the nation tonight, people have been wondering and being curious about what will be addressed today.

Here is what to expect from the president tonight:

1. Sassa R350 increment and extension

Calls for R350 to be extended has been extremely appearing to be sent to the president. However, the COVID-19 relief fund is set to expire in March and a lot of people will be left with no income, including those who lost their jobs during the course of the pandemic. Sassa spokesperson has issued a statement on Tuesday saying that that news that was speculating about Sassa to be extended to R700 were false, it has also aligned that people should follow statements from the official sassa page or from a well-known news company.

2. Basic Grant ( R1500)

The government is planning to introduce another grant to people who are over 18 but unemployed. Those people should be South African citizens and should not be receiving any income from the government or any organisation. However, the plan is still underway and we are not certain if it will be approved or not.

3. Response to COVID-19

The country has been held hostage through coronavirus and a lot of damages have been done in our country's economy. The government have tried to ensure measures are in place to save lives and prioritize them. The president is expected to address that also and the way forward.

4 Power cut and Load shedding

The country has been suffering quite load shedding Throughout the provinces. However, it was due to a shortage of power supply from the main supplier. The president has also been set an eye to address on this one.


The president should do what is best for the country and its people when he adjusts or make changes.