Having a reality show means allowing the world into your day to day private life and it can be exhausting both physically and emotionally. Zodwa Wabantu makes sure she shares every part of her life and some people admire her for that.
Zodwa WaBantu

Zodwa Wabantu is a South African entertainer, businesswoman and dancer who rose to fame from dancing and walking around in her bikini or less dressed. Besides people badmouthing Zodwa for walking partially dressed, she has also been badmouthed about her choice in men.

Her last scandal he slapped a girl in the club for allegedly looking at her ben 10 which she later talked about on Instagram live. Now she posted pictures in a river with goat horns while wearing an ancestral cloth. She captioned it 'Nkosazana yamanzi'. People were soo supportive and respectful they were commenting saying 'Thokoza' and 'Camagu' which are usually ancestral praises.

A gossip page on Twitter revealed that she'll be opening up about her ancestral calling in season 3 of her reality show called Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored. Here is the link https://t.co/HYiynHO1Cj A tweep commented saying "I know understand why it's called a calling... She was lost and now called to fulfill her purpose... I see a very powerful healer in her."