Kelly Khumalo WA spotted performing a ritual along the road.

The musician was holding a coin in which she threw in the water.

She also fetched some water with a plastic tumbler.

All we know is that Kelly Khumalo is a crowd puller, sometimes for all the wrong reasons, but a crowd puller nonetheless. No matter what she does, people find a way of blowing it up, and there have been some thoughts that she is a misunderstood person. Well, after she was spotted performing what looks like a ritual, that theory will be amplified.

Kelly’s career has been covered in controversy for a long time. These stories come undone every time she’s seen with someone or releases a new song. We all know about the Senzo Meyiwa story. She has never lived that down, and the Jub Jub story where she was accused of using muthi on Podcast and Chill.

The Muthi accusation happened some time ago now, and Kelly has never responded to those allegations.

Now, in the new video circulating of Kelly, she is seen standing near the water, and she just stared for a while; she was holding something in her hand. It’s unclear what it was, but it looked like a coin.

She then moves to throw what she was holding onto the water. The incident attracted so much attention towards her, and some people think this is not a big deal, but some have lost it over this.

Fans have been wondering if Jub Jub was right saying Kelly is using muti.