Social media usually has a lot of dance challenges. They usually emerge from Tik Tok. This time there are two popular challenges called Umlando challenge and trigger challenge. It's sad that people are getting suspended for it.

Metro FM Dineo Ranaka

Metro FM is one of South African largest radio stations with a lot of listeners and followers. Dineo Ranaka was one of their employees until she participated in the Umlando dance challenge. The news that they allegedly suspended her for merely doing the challenge caused a bit of conflict on social media, especially Twitter.

A tweep posted the story saying "Metro FM is said to have suspended Dineo Ranaka due to misconduct. This comes after she filmed herself dancing on top of office furniture at the SABC studios for #UmlandoChallenge."

Tweeps are even tagging the Metro FM official page saying things like "@METROFMSA u not serious guys, this management is losing it and does not care about listeners fusekani this is not High School radio station but commercial station."

Another tweep decided to warn celebrities telling them that they should let other trends and challenges pass because they might lose their jobs or worse. The tweep said "Like I said before Sometimes as celebs we must let other trends pass!! honestly look now Dineo Ranaka's umlando challenge dance was so bad even Metro FM decided to suspend her because of it."

I understand that maybe being on top of tables and office furniture was extreme and a bit unprofessional but couldn't they just give her a written notice or warning. Suspension is a bit extreme don't you think.

Another tweep says she was warned before. He said "It's no shock. Even after being warned to stay away from this challenge? Didn't she embarrass herself enough? Now she has suspended ayy."

I'm sorry, she had to get suspended but dancing on work furniture is a bit extreme.