Sometimes it's good to keep to yourself and not comment on people's posts as that might get you in a lot of trouble. We have seen quite a number of fights, which could have been avoided, come from small dialogues on Twitter.

The most recent Twitter fight I came across was between this guy and girl and, their fight started after the girl commented on something that the guy had posted. The guy posted a picture of Donald, who's a South African musician, and as a caption for the post, the guy said that we should appreciate Donald as he's talented, humble and has respect for all. The girl, however, thought that this was something the guy only said just because he got paid to do so. She didn't think that anyone would post something like that about Donald.

So, after that girl said that, the guy saw her comment and replied to her. In his response, he attacked the girl for her looks and said that he will fix her hairline in just 10 seconds. The girl, however, didn't back down as she also responded to the guy and said that, what the guy said is quite funny as it's coming from someone who's hiding his face in his profile picture. She also added that she's fine with her hair and feels pretty.