Viggy and Virginia
Qwabe twins finally responded to the allegations of dating each other, the two sisters posted a video kissing each other and that went viral and everyone kept on talking, the Qwabe twins are thinking of a polygamy marriage so they won’t be separated forever.

Since the Qwabe twins have been found kissing each other, most people concluded that they have something secretive that they don’t want to talk about it, something that has to do with their love life, followers and fans of the twins were quick to defend them by saying they saw nothing wrong in twins kissing each other.

The surprising exit on the show left a lot of people shocked, this follows after Viggy withdrew from the competition following the removal of her twin sister, Viggy and Virginia have since achieved the most they can in their dream of lifetime. It was rumoured to say that they are dating each other and they responded by saying they are just sisters. The twins added and said they do not have a problem with polygamy marriage they will share the same husband.