These kids are growing, since they appeared on idols Mzansi has fallen in love with them. They have been increasingly growing both in fame, fans and body structure. They have now become a centre of attraction as you can see how sexy they look together. They may not have the best look on the faces but they have been blessed with good looks.

There is nothing that money can not fix, it can fix anything physically, it can fix some spiritual deformity, it can fix some emotional deformations and it can also fix some social deformations. They came to idols looking like their humble village background. You would not need to ask weather they are urban or rural, you could just see that everything about them says rural. The way they talk, the way they dressed and the way conduct themselves, now all that has totally changed. Changed through exposure and access to things. They now have access to the things that they were deprived of when they were young, the things that circumstances have forced them to live a certain lifestyle.

Mzansi is still confused about their closeness, when they came into idols, everybody thought they have sisterly love. The perspective changed the moment they saw them kissing each other passionately in regular occasions. This also was followed by a disgusting report that they maybe dating each other. Anyway this are the last days, what we call good can be evil, what we call evil can be good. The world is substituting everything and reverse everything.

What would you do, if you are a parent and your twins are dating each other? We know we love twins so much, but if your moral ethics and your family values have been compromised, what will you do? Anywhere these kids looks hot and very beautiful.

Viggy and Virginia are the real deal now for South African music industry. Their speciality is in traditional songs and they can collaborate each other professionally. I think many of our children are very talented, all they need is exposure, that is what we learn from these two.

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Qwabe twins