Mampintsha is all about securing the bag and if that means he angers his fans with his prices, then his response is simple: you are not the target market.

When he announced on his Instagram six days ago that it would cost R100k to get a feature with him, he was feeling himself. The video had mixed reactions from his followers and he is paying them no mind.Mampintsha

In his latest pursuit to make money he put a spanner in the works with a range of branded T-shirts.

On Monday he headed to Instagram and shared a video where he snubbed naysayers who are wildin at his prices not only for his music feature but his T-shirt business too.

His Original Shandis T-shirt range costs R700-R800 and while some of his followers were clapping for him, others were shaken by the price.

In the clip he said fans have gotta dig deep to afford whatever he puts out there because he is grinding.

“Guys I’ve posted the clothes and I’m going to reveal prices for others. If the prices got to you, then you are not the target market because I use quality. I’m working, I’m at work I’m not playing,” he said in the clip.