Lady Du

Lady Du has taken to her social media to tell her fans that she is doing fan. The star has been all over social media after she announced her separation with her lover, Andile Mxakaza. Taking to Instagram on Sunday, she penned down a note, announcing their separation.

“I am not one for gossip, it bores me. This is from my heart, We did not break up, we followed our hearts and that meant separating before things went south. I’ve had numerous attacks from people I didn’t even know, people making me uncomfortable because of culture, people attacking my character, scratching my cars. So I decided it’s best I follow my heart and leave my relationship,” she wrote.

Well, Lady Du has made it known that she is doing fine and she is in a better place.

The artist said she loves what she is doing and she is grateful for all the support she is getting.

Lady Du said: “It’s ok to cry as long as you release whatever you are feeling, it’s ok to be transparent so people never have things to say that are beyond your control. I don’t live life watching what I say and do. I actually live by the truth nothing but the truth, I don’t have to tell 10 stories to correct the lies. Faith is the key, hope is what keeps me going. Wisdom is my wealth. No money, material or things of the world can change my character. I pray every single day. I speak to God about my problems not people.

“The level of understanding I have of where I am in my spirit and faith is what actually helps me pull through a lot of things. I know some of you think I’m hurting but to be honest with you from the bottom of my soul, I am in such a happy place, I feel free. I actually feel lighter and more revived. Spiritually mentally and and. We are vessels of God, I’m not here to please anyone, my purpose in life is to BE LIKE CHRIST!!! Understanding who you are and why you were brought into this world!!!!”