Slik Talk attack Minnie Dlamini
Following Minnie Dlamini's tweet regarding his show, Slik Talk has chosen to poke fun at her.

The program hosted by Mac G and Slik Talk was something Minnie regretted, according to her tweet.

Furthermore, she was outspoken in her opposition to the topics presented on the show.

While Minnie took Minnie's statements in stride, Slik was not amused and called her out on her alleged lack of skill and inability to put in the necessary effort.

Dlamini-admirers Jones's followed in his footsteps and flooded the comment area under her article, expressing their displeasure with the actress.

It didn't take long for Slik Talk to take to his YouTube channel and address the TV host directly.

He went in with both fists and didn't even bother to be polite in his approach to Minnie.

"Minnie Dlamini, if you weren't an uneducated ignoramus who can't string two sentences together, you would have a better understanding of what Podcast and Chill is all about, as well as an understanding of the sort of content that they make," the media personality stated.

"Not everyone is as positive as you, Minnie Dlamini," he further stated. There are certain people who can host a sports program without having any prior knowledge of the sport in question. To be successful in our jobs, some of us must be very skilled. You're losing your youthful appearance on a weekly basis, and your podcast audience is expanding."