Slay Queen embarrassed

Watch this lady being embarrassed by his boyfriend.

A lady had taken another’s man money at club Nd her boyfriend saw it which made him angry. He also asked her if this is the way of how she makes more money.

It is very important for a girl or a female to have her own assets so that she can avoid being embarrassed in public spaces, a lady must learn to be independent because how she was humiliated in front of her friends and her boyfriend’s friends is unacceptable.

He shouted get of my car and he finally went to her and carry her so that she can get out of the car since she was denying to get off. He shouted more than three times to the lady but she didn’t do anything because she didn’t have money for transport.

Being a slay Queen comes with many responsibilities you have to be able to look good in front of many people whom you do not even know you have to either work in an inappropriate way to make that money so that you can live a soft life slaying, some do not want to work but they are waiting for their men to give them money so that they can buy weaves and buy their make up and look beautiful, however, this is the consequences that you face when you want to do this thing of this world. 

 Imagining having to be shouted at because you do not have your own money, one must work to avoid such embarrassment although people always that women must be respected in public spaces, or everywhere even if you are a girlfriend and boyfriend you have at least to fix your issues away from people because they be taking you videos and you find yourself trending.