"I know that yesterday there was a paid campaign to trash uncle waffle. I can’t believe people are doing such." Apparently there are people who are trashing UncleWaffles on Tweeter and are paid to do so.

So people actually sit down, draft a budget and a list of influencers to trash someone. And the influencers actually accept the money. Are we that money hungry?

This is an innocent hard-working someone, who has not done anything wrong to anyone but just get popular. It's not hunger, it's being evil-hearted.

These influencers would do anything for an R100, Jealous is a very dangerous disease people end up doing weird things. I wish they can be exposed.

The same influencers that made her popular had the guts to trash her. The funny thing is the more they trash her, the more she trends and the popular she gets. They can't dim her light.

In South Africa, people can do anything for money, remember Rosemary Ndlovu.