It is not the first time where former prisoners have come out to shine more than they did before getting locked up. Muvhango is a South African popular soapie that has been playing for over a decade. The show has been on Sabc 2 ever since it started. There has been a number of characters who have come and left the show. Some have been forgotten about, and some have not.

There are always new opportunities for new characters on the show. Some last longer than others, and some are even able to make an impact whilst they are there. The most recent character is known as Mantwa/ Mantoa.

She is from Dube, Soweto, and was arrested for 10 years. She was arrested for fraud, and she didn't know prison would change her life forever. Of the 10 years that she was sentenced, she will only serve 6 years. She is now playing the role of a drunkard irresponsible lady on Muvhango. Most people are fond of her character.

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