It's been seven years since Senzo Meyiwa was murdered at his girlfriend Kelly Khumalo's house and justice hasn't been served. The case keeps on taking too many twists and turns and people are becoming annoyed because of that because they want the culprits behind bars. No matter what new information is revealed people are starting not to believe a single thing. News24 recently revealed that the investigator who is handling Meyiwa's case said that the murder of the soccer player was actually a contract killing, and not a robbery went wrong. This has left people with more questions as to who could be behind this sinister doing.

Who will believe this nonsense now? Why was the initial IOs sabotaged, frustrated and removed from the case. SA PoliceService shouldn't come up with their coverup tactics. We all know who's gun was confiscated & who had a de gun at the crime scene and who called de top cop 2 the scene. We all know Senzo Meyiwa's death was a hit planned in some hostel. Now we need to know who called out this hit and why.

The sad part is when you remember that he was shot in front of 5 people and none of them knows what happened. This is so sad, I often ask myself if someone as well known as Senzo Meyiwa was, and they can't find his killers after 7 years. Where does that leave you and me? The fact that this man was killed in front of witnesses and none of the witnesses isn't helpful is very sad. It's been forever it worries me so much, I always find myself googling his name to find out what is happening now. I can imagine why family is going through and is still going through.

7 years down the line, nobody knows what exactly happened on that fateful day. Senzo's brother Sifiso says straight police have bungled the case, they've got the wrong guys for his brother's murder. Tell me if we fail to find justice for our former National and professional club goalkeeper thina as citizens. The saddest part is that I don't see Orlando pirates pushing for justice all went silent as if he never existed.

How come it’s so difficult to find his killers 7 years later when he was killed in front of the people whereas it took less than a week to find killers of Digital Vibes whistleblower in Johannesburg. And we continue to collude with corrupt use of state power by means of silence even when we see that the Meyiwa family are being denied true justice in full view of the world. We continue to pretend like we don't see what's going on with false hopes that they won't do it to us.