uGuy Kicked Slay Queens
There has been a trending video of a girl who was dragged out of a car at night by an enraged guy. The video has been making waves on social media since yesterday. Many people have been curious to know what really transpired or triggered the guy to be so enraged and throw the girl out of his car. Well, this is a full story from the horse's mouth. The guy in the video has finally explained what happened. Continue to read below.

In the video, the enraged guy can be heard saying "get out of my car, is this how you get money from guys?" and even saying some swear words. The lady seems to be refusing to get out of the car but in an apologetic way. See the video below:

Well, here’s what really, according to the guy:

Later that night, the guy was out partying with his friend and his girlfriend, and as they were driving down the street, they met these two girls around 3:30 a.m., so they stopped and asked where they were going because it was too late to be out on the streets.So these three decided to give the girls a lift. When they asked these two girls where they were going, they said they didn’t know, so they could just go with them to wherever they were going.

They decided to tag them along as they were going to another top bar known as Ethiopia. He went on to explain how the girl in a white dress was all over his car and just drinking and eating everything that was in the car without even asking his wife, but the one in a yellow dress was so chilled.

After that, the guy (car owner) noticed that it looks like the girls are troubling his wife, so he told his friend that it’s better if they leave the girls or drop them wherever they are going. Immediately after saying that, the girl in a white dress said they won’t leave the car until the guys give them money. The yellow-dressed girl tried to stop her friend and asked her what the money was for and her response was "They travelled with us, they have to pay us". The guys were shocked, and when they asked why they had to pay, the girl decided to start swearing at the car owner. The car owner’s girlfriend tried to calm the girl down, but she swore at her too and called her names.

As they thought it was over, the girl took a champagne bottle and popped it in such a way that it hit the car’s sunroof and poured it all over the car owner's girlfriend and the rest of the car’s interior. The guy got enraged and asked the girls to leave the car, but they refused. The one in a white dress was the one who was refusing and swearing. Just like anyone, the guy got enraged and decided to forcefully take her out of his car.

He went on to explain that he dropped them off in a garage where there was a petrol attendant for safety purposes.

See How people Reacted after seeing the guy’s explanation:


These girls might be prostitutes and they thought the guys were just buying them. That’s why they wanted to be paid. Nowadays, it is no longer safe to just give people a lift at night. There are so many people who have lost their careers and tarnished their names while trying to help. And to all the girls out there, when you go to the groove, have your own stuff, buy your own alcohol and have a plan to return back home to save yourself such embarrassment. What are your thoughts on this matter? Who was wrong between the guy and the girls? Leave your comments below.