Monetary political dissidents today have butchered five cows as a method for expressing gratitude toward individuals who cast a ballot the financial-political dissidents. many individuals came in their numbers as they generally do it is extremely uncommon to observe an EFF Rally without individuals. 

Individuals consistently come and back the eff when they fill arenas, large local area lobbies and numerous different spots the SIYABONGA rally was the first-of-its-sort where individuals were cooking butchering together and partaking in the initiative of the monetary political dissidents connecting straightforwardly without the DOR interceding. 

One of the cows which were butchered came from the late Zulu King his majestie Zwelithini. 

"The main cow that will be butchered is a Bull that was talented to the EFF in 2017 by The late Zulu Nation King; His Majesty Goodwill Zwelithini"This Bull will be butchered and imparted to Abantwana be'Nkosi. 

Julius Malema the leader of the monetary political dissident attempted by all means to consistently be on the ground celebrating with individuals who cast a ballot for his party. 

it's extremely uncommon to observe a lawmaker in South Africa on an occasion like this basic on the grounds that numerous government officials after individuals have cast a ballot them they as of now not come nor to really look at them. 

This makes a feeling that legislator don't adore individuals yet they are more intrigued by there votes yet the EFF is revamping the set of experiences.