Vuyo Dabula is a South African actor, he has appeared in various movies and telenovelas but he's best known for his character on generations the Legacy as Gadaffi. On the soapie, he's a hardcore criminal who only ever loved his wife. They are the South African version of Bonnie and Clyde. The actor usually isn't much in the spotlight and maintains a low key profile.
However, he's been trending on social media recently after Demi revealed he's been cheating with her. Vuyo is a married man and it seems he's been cheating on his wife several times. As Demi revealed she wasn't the only one he's been cheating with. However, Dabbi said she's tired of being somebody's secret, this questions a lot on what was she promised. She claims she didn't know who Vuyo is but that's a little far fetched given Vuyo has over 400k followers on Instagram where they met and his account is verified probably Dabii should have asked around.

Despite that, it isn't clear what's Dabii's intentions were by exposing their secret. However, it feels as if she wants Vuyo to be ashamed of sleeping with transgender women however the only thing he should be ashamed of is cheating on his wife. In this day and age, a person should never be ashamed of their sexuality.