Venda man cheats on his Xhosa

Uyajola 9/9: Venda man cheats on his Xhosa woman with her car and threatens to beat her up on TV

Women get cheated on every day but on tonight's episode, the lady who called Jub Jub and his crew was more upset by the fact that this man is using her car to cheat on him. As it later turned out, he was not cheating on her but with her since the lady he was caught with was with him longer than the complainant!

What was worse about the situation is that this man was not remorseful at all and just used the opportunity to threaten both of these women with violence! In the end, he was referred to as "Azwindini" and that's how it was announced that he is a Venda man. From there, Jub Jub told him of how he drinks Mpesu to have stamina and threaten to get violent with women!

The maturity of both women was exceptional because they could have easily fought against each other when the problem is this man who has made promises to both of them. Had they fought each other, they would not have found out that Shorty's children are older than the complainant's child; meaning that he actually lied to Shorty and not the other way around.

As always, Jub Jub had snarky comments about the house that the man was found in, saying that his jail cell was bigger. To actually compare someone's house to a jail cell was a low blow because at the end of the day, not everyone will live in a big house because economically, people are not at the same level! Jub Jub needs to stop being disrespectful because it's real people's situations that he makes fun of!

Most comments feared for both women's lives because of Vincent's violent nature!