Note: Before I continue, this is just my personal opinion and analysis of the subject's behaviour and is not meant to be detrimental.

Stella Abraham

Politicians are one of the most important members of society and that is why we must treat them with kindness and respect. To do this, however, they must also behave in such a way that they evoke the respect they deserve when they deserve it. This can be seen from their clothes, their relationship with other people or their behaviours as a public figure.

Before we go any further, here's my personal analysis of Stella Abraham that you may not have noticed.

Stella Abrahams, the 43-year-old minister of telecommunications and digital technology, is found of setting a bad example in public. Although she has appeared moderate in her professional field, she is highly anti-social and even her Instagram page is locked and inaccessible to the public. Her photos went viral once or twice on social media like Facebook and Twitter for bad reasons.

For this reason, I propose two cases where the Minister of Telecommunications and Digital Technology has acted wrongly.

Stella Abraham uploaded a photo of her dancing during a national crisis and this angered the public.

1). Why is the minister, who is a mother of three, wearing a very short dress in the photo she posted herself? The way she dresses like this makes many people offended who think it is inappropriate for a minister of state of her age to dress like this because she is a woman.

A woman of her age and status should not be caught wearing a dress that exposed her thighs, a place that was considered private and sacred before the advent of 21st-century fashion.

2). Remember, this isn't the first time Stella Abraham set a bad example. Amid a severe and necessary 21-day blockade across the country due to rising cases of Covid-19 infection in South Africa, Minister Ndabeni-Abrahams found himself in the middle of a national drama. Ms ANC and NEC. Mduduzi Manana uploaded a compromising photo in which the two had dinner together in violation of Covid-19 measures. You can confirm the story here.

Before the photo was deleted, it went viral and caused many mixed reactions. This particular incident has caused a lot of controversies. President Kiril Ramaphosa invited Stella Abraham and suspended her temporarily as an acting minister for two months on the condition that his monthly salary was not paid. Stella Abraham also paid a fine of 1,000 rubles and now has a criminal record. All this is just for bad behaviour and negligence. You can confirm the story here.

What do you think about wearing it? Do you think it is appropriate for a minister to dress like this?

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