Young Girl

So sad seeing such grown men and women bullying this little girl, the least they could have done was to ignore her or tell her nicely how Twitter works, not troll her. Indeed Twitter is full of bitter people who find pleasure in trolling others. People from Twitter be thinking they are very special with their bad achievements and google knowledge, they think of all social media platforms their opinions are louder than the rest when you meet those loudmouths in person you'd be surprised, most of them are not even in charge of their own lives yet be acting like bosses on Twitter

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She is young and she did not insult anyone, seeing old people ganging up on her like that is not cool but people nowadays have low self-esteem, and making fun of other people boost their egos that is on 3%, this was unnecessary and when these kids have depression the same old people will act concerned, just for social media likes

Being on Twitter doesn't mean you are special, these people were supposed to tell the girl to stop using it or not to post anything other than what they did, why did they even do such a thing. But our kids these days want to try everything, what does she expecting, what does she learn from these social media platforms? Next time we will hear that she has done something bad to herself just because of Twitter, kids of this generation don't want to listen but will hurt their selves just because people on Twitter did not welcome them the way they want. My advice to the girl is, she must press the deactivation button and exit as soon as possible because that place is not for her as she is too young for stress and depression