In order to tie the knot, actress Thuli Phongolo seeks out a Zulu husband. If you're eligible, look into her wants and needs to see what you can contribute. I'm willing to marry Zulu men, declares the former generations' actress.
Thuli Phongolo

It's no secret that actress Thuli Phongolo longs to wed a Zulu.

South African actresses Disc Jockey (DJ) and Thulisile Phongolo, both in their 30s, appear engaged. Traditional marriage ceremonies were held in the past, and the portrayed actress (Namhla Diale) recently attended one.

Thuli could only dream of a ceremony as lovely and well-executed as this one. Thuli was speechless when her friend married into a Zulu family. The ceremony was beautiful and culturally enriching, as expected.

As a way to commemorate the joyous occasion, the actresses and DJ shared Instagram stories about it.

Here's exactly what she had to say about it, straight from her own mouth: