Dj Muhlez

A lot of people on social media are saying that the couple will split up, well people said a few years ago and sadly they Andiswa and Dj Muhlezi are still together till now and how happy they are new- or just getting married, which means their love life is still burning. Many people say that Andiswa is used because Dj Muhlezi is a famous guy and maybe he will meet other girls his age and forget about Andiswa.

But it’s pretty clear that Dj Muhlezi and Andiswa are meant to be together. Yesterday, Andiswa left the hearts of the people melted after posting the photo of the flours mixed with a whole lot of money, and the People just blew up, and the girls wanted to have a boy to make them special like Mhlezi’s treatment of Andiswa.

Dj Muhlezi recently bought themselves a beautiful car and continues to take beautiful photos next to it. This couple is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring young couples in South Africa and it’s no secret that they live out many people’s dreams.

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